About Me


I am the ultimate BLONDE GODDESS. I possesses everything a slave could possibly hope for: a tantalizing curvy body, a sultry voice, and most importantly - a devilish mind. I love nothing more than subjugating pathetic males for my pleasure. I have a knack for leading slaves down the path to their own destruction, then convincing them to come back and do it all over again (and they're grateful for the opportunity to do so)! My mind is a weapon and it can be so brutally destructive. At other times I can be quite sensual. I have a truly sadistic imagination and I delight in mental torture. That said - all hard limits are respected, but sometimes pushed.

I spent several years living in Los Angeles while working as an Adult Actress and Fetish Performer (Evil Angel, Kink, Femdom Empire to name a few). In 2014, I decided to focus on My true passion - The Art of FEMALE DOMINATION! Having experienced the guidance of Legendary International Dominatrices Tara Indiana, Isabella Sinclaire and Cybill Troy, I have now returned to my hometown of Toronto, Canada with an arsenal of knowledge and expertise that will leave you quaking in your cuffs. I look forward to reaquainting Myself with former fetishists and being served by new slaves and submissives. 


Name: Goddess Helly Main City: Toronto, ON Sex: Female Body Type: Toned Measurements: 32DDD-23-32 Height: 5' 3" Weight: 105 lbs 1st Language: English Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Platinum Blonde Hair Length: Long Porn Star?: Professional Likes: Gift Certificates (Sephora, La Senza, VS), High-quality BDSM items to add to my collection, Perfume (Hypnotic Poison, Stella by Stella McCartney), Leather Boots (Size 7), Anything from Balenciaga or Hermes. Dislikes: Bargaining My Prices, Bad Ettiquette, Poor Hygeine, Tardiness Accept Credit Cards: Cash only, All major credit cards



My tribute is a starting point only and can increase depending on the session activity. Play space rental IS INCLUDED. Please contact Me to inquire about extended sessions. A deposit will be required for first time applicants. Please review the PROTOCOL section for additional sessions details.

My favorite activities include but are not limited to:

  • CBT
  • SHOPPING TRIPS/ DINNER DATES (with a kinky twist)

I understand that sometimes it’s not possible to serve Me in person. This can be very disappointing, therefore I am available for Phone and Virtual Sessions

Call Goddess Helly for phone sex on Niteflirt.com



Rate Session Service Details
400 1hr
600 90min
800 2hrs
1000 3hrs
1200 4hrs





To avoid disappointment, it is recommended that you book your session at least 24 hours in advance, 48 hours is preferred for adequate preparation. New applicants must fill out the Screening Form and allow enough time for their references to be checked. If you are a new player and do not have any references, please write me a detailed email describing your interests in your fetish or kink, and why you wish to serve a Dominatrix.


Travel Dates

Toronto, CAN - Dec. 6-24


Los Angeles, USA - Jan. 16-17

Las Vegas, USA - Jan. 18-21 (AEE/AVN's)

Toronto, CAN - Jan. 24-TBD


Possible Upcoming cities:

Chicago, USA - Feb. 2017

New York City, NY - March 2017



The Basics:

If you are fortunate enough to find yourself in My presence, you need to be very careful about the things you say and do, or else you won't be in My presence for long. Proper protocol, particularly as it pertains to language, is of the utmost importance. When communicating with an Alpha Female, be sure to keep these things in mind:

1) Always address Me by My preferred title. I prefer to be called Goddess Helly or Mistress Helly, and I expect you to address Me as such at all times.

2) Always use complete, clear sentences. Many submissives make the mistake of thinking spelling and grammar are unimportant, but that is certainly not the case. Taking the time and care to construct complete, thoughtful sentences demonstrates to the Alpha Female that you have put the necessary thought and effort into your attempts to communicate with Me. As a result, I will be far more inclined to want to take the time out of My busy day to respond to you.

3) Do not make demands of an Alpha Female. This one should be self-explanatory. You are in no position to make demands of a superior woman. Polite requests are acceptable (particularly when accompanied by some form of tribute); demands are not.

4) Everything you say and do should reflect your understanding of the Alpha Female's superiority. This is more of a catch-all, general rule but it is important nonetheless. Your mindset should be that of a true submissive and everything you say to an Alpha Female should demonstrate this attitude. Before sending any communication to a superior woman, take a moment to ensure that your words adequately reflect a submissive tone and demonstrate your understanding that you are, in fact, inferior to Me.

Follow these rules (as well as common sense) and you are far more likely to have success when communicating with Me. And if for some reason you choose not to do so, you will surely be passed over in favor of someone who communicates more appropriately.

Booking a Session:

For session inquiries it is best if you contact Me by via the CONTACT FORM. This is the easiest, fastest and the most convenient way to reach Me. Your application should include the following information: name, session date/time (if you already have some in mind), session length, BDSM interests and experiences as well as any limits, boundaries, or phobias. Please also mention any health issues you may have. Health problems are rarely a barrier to having a great time, but it does help for me to know in advance so that I can plan accordingly.

When you are ready to book a session, submit the requested information through the SCREENING FORM. Serious applications that are of interest to me will receive a phone call at the number provided, at that point we will schedule your session.

I am available by appointment only on those days listed on My Calendar. Please make sure you book a session in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

I delight in pushing and testing your boundaries, but before that can happen I need to learn about your limits, previous experience and kinks in which you want to engage. That is why any session will start with a short conversation about your fetishes, limits, possible scenarios etc.  Optionally, depending on your interests and experience, we can move straight onto the session, having previously discussed your likes and dislikes.

I conduct My sessions from a few professional BDSM studios in downtown Toronto, conveniently located with TTC nearby. Please do not arrive early or late, punctuality is what pleases Me.


The appropriate etiquette, if you are unsure or if it is your first time, is to provide your tribute at the start of the session or during the introductory talk in a plain envelope – counted in advance! This is to avoid any awkwardness of you having to get your money from your wallet and count it in front of Me.


I require a deposit which is used to secure the play space I will be using for our session. Deposits are made via e-Transfer. If it is your first time and you do not have references from another Pro Domme, you will be asked to pay an additional deposit as an insurance policy against changing your mind at the last minute and not showing up to your session. Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of your scheduled booking. If a deposit was placed, it may be applied toward a future booking. However, this is a one time only courtesy. A second cancellation will result in the loss of your deposit.